Quetzal: Die Stadt der heiligen Vögel

Quetzal, the city of sacred birds, has just been discovered. You have five days to explore the site and collect the most beautiful objects that are buried there. Will you be able to manage the team entrusted to you on a daily basis to optimize your excavations? Be smarter than the competition to emerge from Quetzal unscathed. At the beginning of each turn, roll your meeple dice and discover your team. Send your groups to different places in the city to collect the artifacts you are most interested in. Be careful, even if you arrive first your opponents can still steal your place! Build the best collection of artifacts and deliver them at the right time to earn improvements and victory points. Do you have the spirit of an expedition leader? —description from the publisher

-Beschreibung des Herausgebers

Geekcheck by Geekpunkt

Artwork - 8
Mechanic - 7
Theme - 7
Fun - 7
Quality - 9


⚙️Medium [2.08]
💡Alexandre Garcia
🎨Nastya Lehn
🏭Gigamic, G3, Gém Klub Kft., Hachette Boardgames UK, Kaissa Chess & Games, Little Rocket Games, MEBO Games and WoodCat
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