Queen of 12

Enough with all the kings and councils that create more problems than they solve. Winter is coming and they are hoarding all the supplies! But to overthrow them, you need your own stones of power. Gather allies and ask for help from creatures all over the snowy kingdom to get your hands on stones. Only those who anticipate the plans of others, grab the most stones or use them most skillfully will be able to rise to become the new queen. Because there can only be one! Experience the first ever "Bluff and Write" game. In a total of 12 rounds, two, three or four of you will snatch dice from under each other's noses by tactically playing your cards. Will you prevail against the others, grab the right dice and place crosses in a targeted manner in order to rise to the throne of the 12 kingdoms at the end? You can look forward to both the familiar and popular trick card mechanic and the beautifully illustrated characters by Robin Lagofun. But this time you can expect a whole new component. The scorecard. In order to place the most crosses here, you have to get the best, the most or the most matching dice from the dice trays. Since the cards are known by all, the right dice can be scammed by tactical considerations and purposeful uncertainty of the others. However, every round is different! The card decks are rearranged every game and thus offer new challenges even after numerous games. Everyone has the same cards and competes for the same dice. Are the others greedy and want to grab the best dice, or are they too cautious for that? Take your chance! Your goal is to raise forces in all corners of the kingdom. To do this, you use the Stones of Power (twelve-sided dice) that you collect each turn. You get dice by selecting one of the character cards in your hand and playing it face down in front of you. Each character has special abilities that can get you the right color, the right number, or a completely new character card. But be careful, if several of you play the same character, he doesn't know where to help first and prefers not to help anyone. As a result, its effect cannot be used. In addition, the characters have different speeds. Characters with low numbers in the top center of the map are executed before the others. For this they are usually not allowed to take so many dice ... But who knows if there are any dice left at all when it's the turn of the characters with the high numbers? Once you've got dice, you decide on your score sheet where you want to put crosses. For each die, you can decide whether to mark the color or the number. At the end of the game, the most points are awarded for a full row or column with 5 crosses. But beware: If there are exactly 2 crosses in a row or column, there are NO points! If you don't get any dice, all is not lost. Then you can use one of the powerful one-time effects that will get you back in the saddle very quickly. In some situations, you may even want to intentionally not collect any dice in order to be able to use one of these effects ... Whoever was able to place crosses the most cleverly at the end and thus received the most points, has won and becomes the new queen of the 12 kingdoms! -Translated from the crowdfunding page

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Geekcheck by Geekpunkt

Artwork - 9
Mechanic - 6
Theme - 7
Fun - 7
Quality - 7


⚙️Medium [2.00]
👤1-4 (3-4)
💡Rita Modl
🎨Robin Lagofun
🏭Corax Games and Game Harbor
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