Comet is characterized by fast gameplay despite high variability and strategic depth. In the prehistoric past, you try to save extinct and endangered species from their final extinction. So you do nothing less than change the course of history! You can cleverly combine card skills to save the animals from the threatening comet. The basic techniques and rules of the game are quickly learned. However, this does not mean that Comet is quickly mastered! Each game presents a new challenge as you must cleverly adapt to your opponent's actions in order to win. 1. You can make animals hatch to use their card abilities after you have moved them to the safe cavern. Saved animals will score rescue points in different ways at the end of the game. However, you also need other animal cards to move your saviors around the board (and thus move your animals to safety). Be careful how you use your cards! 2. Different types of cards deepen the strategic choices. Skillfully use the ability of your asymmetrical hero cards and optimize the possibilities of the silver and golden animal cards. When the pile of silver cards is used up, the comet phase begins and initiates the end of the game. 3. Even the movements on the game board want to be well planned. Opposing saviors can be jumped over to reach the save cavern faster - this can be good for you or your fellow players. —description from the publisher
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Artwork - 8
Mechanic - 7
Theme - 7
Fun - 9
Quality - 9


⚙️Medium [2.17]
💡Peter Prinz
🎨Hendrik Noack
🏭Funtails, Albi, Ediciones MasQueOca, HOT Games and HUCH!
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