The Specialists

Seven Heists to become a legendary gang… The challenge of a lifetime! Prepare your plan and your equipment, watch the location that you want to rob, recruit skilled specialists and be ready for anything! Use your specialists to make a fortune while staying one step ahead of the rival gangs, perform Heists all around the world, but don’t forget the golden rule: never rob twice in the same city! Now, it’s time to roll the dice… ---- ---- ---- GOAL OF THE GAME: Recruit the best specialists and assemble your dream team. Rob casinos, Banks and jewelries from the biggest cities in the world. Gain millions and become a legend. ---- ---- ---- OVERVIEW: A seemingly simple action, such as choosing 1 die from a small common pool, becomes surprisingly multifaceted here. 1 die, only 1 die per round. And a maximum of 12 rounds available to create the perfect gang of specialists to perform 7 heists. Each Specialist requires 1 die to be recruited and 1 die to be activated. Obviously you would like to recruit 1 Specialist per round, because only having a large gang you can make the most profitable heists. You would also like to activate her/him, because she/he will provide you with the necessary equipment. But at the beginning of each round you will get that one, single die. You will therefore need to be able to recover other dice from bonuses or through the same effects of the specialists you have recruited. Ah, yes, the specialists ... If you have many with the same competence you can get very powerful activations and unlock unique skills. But it will be hard to perform the heists, because very different skills are required in each city. If, on the other hand, your gang is varied, you will have easier access to different casinos, banks or jewelries. But will the weaker activations be enough to provide you with dice, equipment and anything you need for the next rounds? Finally, remember that you are not alone at the table and that the other gangs are not sitting back. Which die to choose? How to create the best gang? Differentiate or specialize? Spend the dice or keep them for later? Behind a system of relatively simple rules, there are deep choices that require a good dose of strategy and planning. And the ability to face unforeseen situations. Because the dice, when thrown, do what they want ... Finally, the most difficult challenge, the solo version, in which you will have to deal with the possibility of being discovered by the Interpol or defeated by the other gangs before the game is over! ---- ---- ---- A PLAYER'S TURN 1 - Choose 1 die Choose 1 die among the available dice and slide that die on your Player Board so that it occupies the rightmost free space. 2 - Use a Specialist Card Spend your dice to use a Specialist Card from the display. You may either - Recruit a Specialist Card in your team (white die of this card), then activate their Ability (black die) if you want; or Become an Informant: Receive the reward indicated on the Informant Card. - or Fast-Play a Specialist Card (activating them directly from the display, without taking the Specialist in your team) or Become an Informant: Receive the reward indicated on the Informant Card. 3 - Perform a Heist Perform a Heist in a town to gain millions and special rewards. You need to have the required Skills and Equipment. or Become an Informant Receive the reward indicated on the Informant Card. ---- ---- ---- END OF THE GAME The game ends when one of the following conditions is met: 1 - A player performed 7 Heists. Complete the current round, then proceed to the final scoring. 2 - The 12th Informant Card is revealed at the beginning of the round. Complete the round (each player plays once), then proceed to the final scoring. ---- ---- ---- WHO WINS The richest player (in millions) wins. -description from publisher
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Artwork - 7
Mechanic - 6
Theme - 8
Fun - 8
Quality - 7


⚙️Medium [2.79]
💡Marco Canetta, Stefania Niccolini, Dimitri Perrier and Anne-Catherine Perrier
🎨Christine Alcouffe
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