Sheep Boom Bah

Sheep Boom Bah is a tile flipping, sheep herding game for 2-4 players. After all your sheep wonder into an active land mine field, it’s your job to safely return the absent minded flock back to your farm safely. On the players turn, they can use an action to move a sheep onto a field tile. Once there, the player flips the tile over and discovers what’s underneath. Either a field, landmine or barn is revealed. Bonus points are scored for finding a field or barn tile. Players can use playing cards in their hand to move, steal and revive sheep. At the end of the game, players score points based on the final positions of their sheep either in the barn or the barnyard. Score the most points at the end to win the game. —description from the publisher
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Geekcheck by Geekpunkt

Artwork - 6
Mechanic - 5
Theme - 7
Fun - 7
Quality - 6


⚙️Easy [1.33]
👤2-4 (Unset)
💡Ryan Craig and Bob Craig
🎨Alisha Volkman
🏭One Day West Games
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