Sea Salt & Paper

During your turn, you assemble your hand, maybe place cards for their effect, and decide if you want to end the round. But do you think you are the one with the most points in hand? You will have to choose: stop the round immediately or give the others an extra turn to try to extend the gap? Is it worth taking the risk? The game ends when you reach 30/35/40 points (4/3/2 players). The excitement of ending the round to catch your opponents off guard The pleasure of playing your effect cards and making combos It's a set collection card game like Rummy. The origami created especially for the game is just the illustrations on the cards.
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Geekcheck by Geekpunkt

Artwork - 9
Mechanic - 5
Theme - 5
Fun - 9
Quality - 9


⚙️Easy [1.45]
💡Bruno Cathala and Théo Rivière
🎨Lucien Derainne and Pierre-Yves Gallard
🏭Bombyx, Buró, Cranio Creations, Dice&Bones, Fabrika Igr, Gam'inBIZ, HANALL M&C, Hobby Japan, IGAMES, MINDOK, MM-Spiele, Pandasaurus Games, Reflexshop, Tower Tactic Games and Tranjis Games
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