River Valley Glassworks

Welcome to River Valley! The beautiful pieces of glass that can be found along the river here have attracted the most entrepreneurial of woodland creatures to set up shop. In River Valley Glassworks, you play as one of these pioneers, drafting glass from the market of river tiles. To do so, you have to play a piece from your inventory into the river. Each river tile can take only a specific shape, and you must play into a space adjacent to where you want to draft from. After you pick up your glass, the river shifts forward, revealing new pieces and new opportunities. Store the glass you pick up strategically in your shop. Depending on how the glass pieces are placed, your score will change drastically. Fill in rows and columns to gain bonus points, but don't draft too many of one type to avoid negative points! -description from publisher
Beschreibung auf www.boardgamegeek.com

⚙️Easy [1.36]
👤1-5 (2-4)
💡Adam Hill, Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle
🎨Andrew Bosley
🏭Allplay and Gém Klub Kft.
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