Point Salad is a fast and fun card drafting game for the whole family. There are over 100 ways to score points. Players may use a variety of strategies and every game of Point Salad is unique! Cards come in six different types of veggies, and the back of each card has a different scoring method. So for instance, one scoring method may award 2 points for every carrot you have, but deduct a point for every onion. By drafting combinations of veggies and point cards that work for your strategy, you can amass the most points and win. —description from the publisher
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Geekcheck by Geekpunkt

Artwork - 7
Mechanic - 5
Theme - 9
Fun - 9
Quality - 7


⚙️Easy [1.14]
💡Molly Johnson, Robert Melvin and Shawn Stankewich
🎨Dylan Mangini
🏭Alderac Entertainment Group, Arclight Games, Bard Centrum Gier, Black Sea Games, Broadway Toys LTD, Devir, Gigamic, HaKubia, Hobby World, IGAMES, Kaissa Chess & Games, Mandoo Games, Meanbook Games, MINDOK, MIPL, Pegasus Spiele, Reflexshop, Siam Board Games, White Goblin Games and Yes Papa Games
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