Next Station: London

The city of London has commissioned you to redesign its underground network! Optimise connections, serve as many sights as possible and exploit the tunnels that pass under the Thames. Be careful to respect the specifications set by the city. Reveal the next Station card. Draw a new section Optimise the 4 tube lines Who will be the best project manager? Which of you will be the best project manager? —description from the publisher

Geekcheck by Geekpunkt

Artwork - 5
Mechanic - 5
Theme - 7
Fun - 7
Quality - 6


⚙️Easy [1.49]
💡Matthew Dunstan
🎨Maxime Morin
🏭Blue Orange (EU), Blue Orange Games, Broadway Toys LTD, Buró, Feelindigo, Fractal Juegos, Gém Klub Kft., HCM Kinzel,, Lucky Duck Games, MEBO Games, MINDOK, MTS Games and PaperGames (III)
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