“ This is the FUNNIEST dinosaur fossil site ever!” An enormous amount of dinosaur fossils has been found. Excavation experts from all over the world gathered to excavate dinosaur fossils. Can we find and restore dinosaur fossils then become the best diggers? But be careful! If we rush or excavate too aggressively,the unstable excavation site may collapse! Players become experts in dinosaur excavation. They will discover and restore dinosaur fossils buried under rocks. In their turn, they use tweezers to excavate fossil tiles. If a player collects one head, one tail, and two leg tiles of any dinosaur, they can restore and display dinosaur. If a player restores one complete dinosaur with 4 parts of the same color, they will earn more points. Additionally, the players can earn additional points if they achieve the mission on mission tiles. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins. -description from publisher
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Geekcheck by Geekpunkt

Artwork - 7
Mechanic - 5
Theme - 7
Fun - 9
Quality - 8


⚙️Easy [1.00]
💡Charles Chevallier
🎨Cyril Bouquet and Ian Parovel
🏭Game Factory, Grok Games, Happy Baobab, Mandala Jogos and Mercurio
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