Marsch der Krabben

We are the last members of a peculiar decapod crustacean species: the square crabs from the Gironde estuary. From an evolutionary standpoint, we're not that useful, notably because... Well, we physically can't turn. We're bound to walk in a straight line all our life. And not even straight, but… Crab steering! Not exactly an interesting life... Especially for those born between two rocks. We're not that moronic though, because, after only a few hundred thousand years, we realized that with two crabs who take turns climbing on top of each other, we could move in a grid pattern in all our environment! New horizons beckoned us! Let's use this discovery to free our buddies, who are trapped under items left on the beach by careless humans, whilst avoiding our sworn enemies: the formidable yet stupid brown crabs and the terrifying and sly lobsters... La Marche du Crabe is a super immersive cooperative deduction game, in which the two playful crabs will be completely dependent on each other... not to mention! You have often seen crabs discuss, will you? An evolving game! To ensure an unlimited lifespan and a growing challenge, the game is scalable, with eleven Scenario cards and as many new challenges! The promise of unlimited play and always new games! HOW TO PLAY On their turn, the player must play a Baddie card on the beach and then move the crabs token. If they stop on an Item Card, their friend tells whether if it's a forbidden item or not. HOW TO WIN To win, the two players must free together their 8 crab buddies before they cannot place Baddie cards on the beach. Moreover, shrimps being life points, players lose if they must use shrimps and they don't have anymore! -description from publisher
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Artwork - 6
Mechanic - 5
Theme - 8
Fun - 7
Quality - 6


⚙️Easy [1.64]
💡Julien Prothière
🎨Arthur de Pins
🏭Jeux Opla, 2Tomatoes Games and HUCH!
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