An adventurous journey through the depths of the sea begins: in the cooperative family game Kraqua, players must bring the fish safely to the target and at the same time safely get their gems to the hiding place. But danger lurks in the depths of the ocean: the greedy octopus Kraqua has it in for the gems. Will the players manage to escape the thieving tentacles? The special feature: Due to the foldable game plan changes, the running path becomes gradually visible. In addition, there are three different difficulty levels. How to play: Each player in turn places reef tiles on the game board to protect the fish. But the reef tiles have gaps. The players must skilfully move forward so that no fish is placed on a gap. Otherwise Kraqua will steal gems. Can the players hide all the gems in time?
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⚙️Easy [0.00]
👤2-4 (Unset)
💡Michael Kallauch and Jan Meyberg
🎨Kreativbunker and Folko Streese
🏭moses. Verlag GmbH
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