Kingscraft is a boardgame, that compresses the feeling of a classic RPG adventure into a board game of around an hour. The story is, that the king is in search for a heir to his throne, that is equal to his own power. So he announces, that everyone in his kingdom may challenge him to a fair duel. And the first one to win, will be the new king. So adventurers from all over the country start building their equipment - in hope of becoming the new king. Each turn the players choose one of seven actions-cards and place them face down on the table. Then the actions are revealed, placed in clear determined turn-order and then executed. Depending on the chosen actions, they take items from the board, fight monsters (dice-rolling) to get better loot and craft items together to get new advanced equipment. In the centre of the game there is a transformable crafting-tree, where all players are trying to get the best equipment, by getting rewards for killing monsters and crafting different items together to get new and stronger ones. The game is won by the first player who dares to fight the king and who succeeds in doing so.
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Artwork - 7
Mechanic - 7
Theme - 6
Fun - 9
Quality - 8


⚙️Medium [2.20]
💡David Kühn
🎨Roman Kucharski
🏭Skellig Games
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