Kannste Knicken

In Kannste Knicken ("Can bend"), everyone plays at the same time, marking off spaces of their choice on their individual player sheet based on the roll of two special dice each turn. You can fold over a corner of your paper, but only after marking all of the smiley faces in that corner. But will you fold over the corner just a little bit or much more? You need to mark off more smiley faces to "bend" more of the paper, but you receive a permanent bonus each time that you do. Whoever first bends all four corners on their player sheet, then connects the revealed target symbols on their sheet wins. Kannste Knicken includes four types of player sheets with differing degrees of difficulty.
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⚙️Easy [1.22]
💡Ralph Querfurth and Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
🎨Leon Schiffer
🏭Schmidt Spiele and 999 Games
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