A nice card game. 108 cards. 4 colors with values ​​from 1 to 4 In turn, each player draws a visible or hidden card and places it in their playing area. When a pile is empty, the game stops and the points are counted. Each player tries to score points by forming colored areas of at least 5 adjacent cards. But players also try to respect the way of grouping the cards. Otherwise they will lose points. - a "4" must be in a group of exactly four "4s". - a "3" must be in a group of exactly three "3s". - a "2" must be in a group of exactly two "2s". - a "1" must not be in contact with any other "1". Butterflies present on certain cards earn a point if they are adjacent to a card of their color. Enjoy! -description from publisher
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⚙️Easy [1.20]
👤1-4 (2-4)
💡Paul-Henri Argiot
🎨Julie Gruet
🏭Actarus Editions
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