Das verrückte Haus

Build the house from the map as quick as possible. A re-edition of La Boca with new art and a two player mode. Creating skylines of similar beauty and eccentricity is the goal of the construction teams that play Recto Verso. In shifting teams of two that sit across from one another, players try to create skylines on challenge cards – but the players can see the completed image only from their point of view, so they must consult with one another constantly to make sure each colored block ends up in the right location while racing against the timer. The faster the players complete their building, the more points they score. Then the next team takes a seat, breaks down the blocks, then begins building anew. Whoever has the most points after a certain number of rounds wins. A new 2 player cooperative mode has been added to this edition.
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⚙️Easy [1.00]
💡Inka Brand and Markus Brand
🎨Camille Chaussy
🏭Super Meeple, TIKI Editions, Buly Games, Egmont Polska, Game Factory, Geronimo Games, Maldito Games, MeepleBR, Zvezda and テンデイズゲームズ(TendaysGames)
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