Cookie Addict

For a few extra cookies... Take on the role of two shameless little critters in their frantic race to steal cookies. Stay sharp and on your guard! There are zookeepers patrolling non-stop and they want nothing more than to get you back in that zoo asap! Who will get the lion's share of the loot? Sneak through the dark city streets and stash away as many cookies as you can! But watch out! Your rival... and the zookeepers will try to stop you! Create a new game board every time thanks to the tile system! Watch, analyse and plan your greedy heist while keeping an eye on your opponent! The real satisfaction comes when you have more cookies than them! - Description from the publisher How to play ? On a game board of 25 tiles, move your character to collect as many cookies as possible. To activate a tile, and collect the cookies it contains, the tile you want must be in the alignment of your pawn and your opponent’s. In other words, always watch the movements of your rival to activate the best tiles. Activate tiles, unlock special powers (cookie theft, double score, etc.) and beat your opponent. But beware, the guardians of the zoo are watching and can prevent some of your movements. Be smart, be strategic, be greedy. The game ends when one of the two players can no longer move his character. A character can no longer move when it can no longer activate any tiles.
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⚙️Easy [1.50]
💡Pierrick Lugen
🎨Alexandre Brull and Martin Maigret
🏭Lubee Edition
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