Chaos In Gotham City

In the trick-taking game Chaos in Gotham City, each player becomes a villain and attempts to cause mayhem while avoiding encounters with Batman. You play as many rounds as the number of players. Each round, deal players 6-10 cards depending on the player count. The deck consists of 40 cards in four suits numbered 1-10, with some cards depicting either Batman or Bruce Wayne. At the start of each trick, reveal one of the fifteen location cards; the winner of the trick claims this card. Reveal the top card of the undealt cards to determine trump. Each player receives one of eight villain cards, each with a special power. The first player in a round leads a card, and all players must follow suit, if possible. Whoever played the highest trump wins the trick and collects the location and played cards; if no one played trump, whoever played the highest card in the suit led wins. The winner leads to the next trick. After all tricks have been played, players sum the Batman points on the cards and locations they collected. Whoever has the most Batman points (or is tied for the most) doesn't score the chaos points they collected this round. Shuffle all cards to set up for the next round. Whoever has the most chaos points after 2-6 rounds wins.
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Artwork - 5
Mechanic - 5
Theme - 6
Fun - 6
Quality - 5


⚙️Easy [1.00]
👤2-6 (4)
💡Benjamin Schwer
🏭Schmidt Spiele
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