Calavera is a roll-and-write game in which each player wants to make as many crosses on their block as possible because many crosses bring many points. But beware! If the players are too greedy, their valuable points melt away again. Whoever chooses the best die result and makes the crosses in the right place wins. This is how it is played: Everybody collects as many crosses in each color as possible on their block page. But if players enter the so-called "death zone", their points are less, possibly even giving them negative points instead of positive ones. Who can secure their valuable points and win the game? —description provided by publisher
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Artwork - 7
Mechanic - 5
Theme - 7
Fun - 7
Quality - 7


⚙️Easy [1.08]
💡Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
🏭moses. Verlag GmbH, Reflexshop and Tucker's Fun Factory B.V.
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