Disney: The Haunted Mansion – Call of the Spirits Game

Disney’s beloved The Haunted Mansion comes to life — err, death — in this hauntingly fun family board game! Explore all the classic rooms of the ghost-infested manor, from the festivities-filled Ballroom to the Attic and out to the Graveyard and beyond in search of spirits. Beware, though, of the Hitchhiking Ghosts, who are notorious for “following you home” as that may spell your doom in the end! Players gain points by socializing with ghosts around the Haunted Mansion. Players move around the mansion by rotating the Endless Hallway around Madame Leota's Séance Room, collecting Ghost cards in front of them in sets, each of which are worth different point values. Players want to avoid Haunt cards, as the most “haunted” player will lose points. The player with the most points at the end wins. -description from publisher

Geekcheck by Geekpunkt

Artwork - 9
Mechanic - 4
Theme - 7
Fun - 9
Quality - 8


🤔1.79 | leicht
🥇7.13 | sehr gut
Player Count (Recommended)2-6 (3-6)
💡Prospero Hall
🎨Prospero Hall
🏭Funko Games
⚙️Action Points, Push Your Luck and Set Collection
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