Baron von Zom’s Dice Of The Undead

Baron von Zom and his undead underlings are hungry! To open the portal to the dimension of the living and fill their bellies, they need your help. If you manage to place 12 dice with the correct value and colour on your player board, the portal will open and the Baron will reward you handsomely - with fresh brains! Muahahaha! The goal of the game is to collect brains. The first player to fill all die spaces on their board wins a brain. Each player receives a player board and a cogwheel. Shuffle the green and red cards and place them in separate face-down piles on the table. Place 4 dice of each colour per player in a supply on the table. Draw a green card and read it out loud. The card will show an additional rule, valid for one round. It will make the game trickier or faster and even more fun – so that every round plays differently. Choose any 3 dice and roll. Your turn ends when you placed 3 dice on your board or you rolled 3 times or you draw a red card. To place dice you first need to roll a pair. Place that pair on your board in the corresponding colour segment. Now insert the cogwheel into your board accordingly.You can now place single dice on your board. Place them directly adjacent to dice you’ve already placed, in the right colour and with the value indicated by the cogwheel. After your last roll, if any dice you can't place fit on other players’ boards, you must pass them those dice. If you roll a straight, you may - but don't have to - draw a red card and carry out its instructions. If you roll a three of a kind, you must draw a red card. Most of the cards are beneficial, some are risky, depending on the situation and your luck. End of the game: The first player to fill all die spaces on their board wins the round and gets a brain. To win the game you need to collect the requisite amount of brains: 3 brains in a game with 2 players, 2 brains in a game with more players. —description from the publisher
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