Auruxxx: Die goldene 12

Classic card game for the whole family for tacting, bluffing and passing. The goal of the game: Be the first to take the “Golden 12” and note as few points as possible at the end of each round. You win a game round if you place the “Golden 12” (or more) as the last card (s) on the discard pile. Whoever has the least points at the end of the game (3 rounds) wins the game. The game mechanism is comparable to the familiar card game classics and has new surprises in store. It remains exciting until the last moment! Every round is different - depending on chance or tactical skills. The fun factor is high - and if you suddenly have to hand over your card (s) to your teammate on the way to winning, this will make you want an revenge urgently! Game figure Happy-Man & action cards By placing a “% card” you get the wooden toy figure. (Happy Man) If you have the game piece at the end of a round, you can deduct 50% of your points. If you place the “CARD BLESSING” action card (orange) you must draw a card from all players. If you place the “CARD EXCHANGE” (RED) action card, you must exchange all cards in your hand with a player of your choice. If you place the “DRAW CARD” action card (blue) you must draw a card for the next player. —description from the publisher
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Artwork - 3
Mechanic - 3
Theme - 3
Fun - 3
Quality - 4


⚙️Easy [1.20]
👤2-6 (3-5)
💡Stefan Martin
🎨Stefan Martin and Christiane Reiter
🏭NOW games Spielverlag Martin & Reiter GbR
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