61 Autumn Leaves

61 feuilles d'automne ("61 Automn Leaves") is a roll & write game designed and sold in aid of Accessijeux, a French non-profit organization dedicated to making board games accessible to visually impaired players. Only 1000 copies of the games has been made available, sold online only on 25/11/2022. In 61 Feuilles d'Automne, roll dice and make the best of them before autumn ends. Will you enjoy a tasty hot chocolate, or will you rather roast mashmallows over the fire? Each turn, roll 3 6-sided dice (not included in the game). Use the value of one of them to you choose an activity, and another one to write down a number there. Each activity has its own rules! Be smart and try to score 61 points before your opponents.
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⚙️Easy [1.50]
💡Théo Rivière
🎨Hervine Galliou
🏭Editions Philibert
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