Sssnake: Flip&Write

Hungry? In the flip-and-write game Sssnake: Flip&Write, you want to snake your way through different locations, use acquired skills, eat lots of fresh apples, and grow to be the longest snake — but be careful not to bite yourself and get eliminated! At the start of each round, an apple card is revealed to determine where the apples will fall from the tree. The one who eats many apples grows faster and gains new abilities to help give them even better access to delicious apples. The game ends when the second-to-last snake is eliminated. —description from the publisher
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Geekcheck by Geekpunkt

Artwork - 6
Mechanic - 4
Theme - 6
Fun - 5
Quality - 6


⚙️Easy [1.50]
💡Bujar Haskaj
🎨Malte J. Zirbel
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