The newly opened pizzeria "Angelo" cannot save itself from orders. As a scooter-driving pizza deliverer, it is your job to deliver these pizzas to as many customers as possible — but first the pizzas have to be topped with the right ingredients! Can you establish yourself as the customers' favorite deliverator? Your goal in Mozzaroller is to place dice on customer cards to complete as many orders as possible and to secure the most valuable deliverer tiles. On a turn, you roll the eight ingredient dice, then place at least one die on a matching ingredient on any customer card; if you place more than one die, you must place all dice after the first on the same customer or on adjacent ones. Next, you decide whether to: Re-roll with all unplaced dice Pass You can re-roll as often as you want, but after each roll you must be able to place at least one ingredient on an already started customer card or a customer card adjacent to a card that already has a die on it. Fail to do this, and you must pass, losing all customers that have not had their orders fulfilled. You collect all finished customers, and if you now have the most customers of one color in front of you, you take the corresponding deliverer tile and add it to your order cards. Players continue to take turns until the draw pile is emptied, after which players tally their points.
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⚙️Easy [1.13]
💡Jeffrey D. Allers
🎨Bartłomiej Kordowski
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