Relive the evening service in six minutes in the most cosmopolitan restaurant in the world! [kosmopoliːt] is played by 4 to 8 players, among which there is always a Waitress, a Maitre d'Hotel, and Cooks. The Waitress will manage the restaurant room on the app. she will have her earphones on and will be able to take orders from customers which she will transmit to the Cooks and especially to the Butler — except that our customers come from all over the world, and wish to taste typical dishes that they request in one of their sixty languages. Natives! The Maitre d'Hotel notes as best as he can all the orders from the waitress, and constantly repeats them to the cooks. He has the pivotal role of the restaurant, he makes the link throughout the game between the room and the kitchen and is responsible for coordinating and managing the whole. Each Cook manages types of food by having the piles of corresponding cards, and is also the expert cook of a continent: he thus has all the cards of this continent. Each of these cards corresponds to a language and includes the six dishes that are served in that language. Each dish is written by a transliteration (as it is understood in French) and accompanied by the name and drawing of one of its ingredients. When a cook has found a dish on a card, he asks the others for the necessary ingredient (if he does not have it himself) and gives these two cards (language + ingredient) to the head waiter. The latter therefore adds to these two cards the appropriate table card (which he would normally have noted down!) and gives everything to the Waitress. As soon as the Waitress can, she will serve the table on the app by selecting the table in question, then the right ingredient, then the right language! So, satisfied customer? [kosmopoli:t] is scalable! Initially you will have access only to level 1 and will have to unlock the other levels! Then you can open the latest deck of cards with new ingredients and new languages! The game has a hundred goals to achieve and scores to pulverize! The game is also full of surprises, with some levels having an inspector from Guide Michelin, some having nonexistent dishes to discover, and some having things still to discover... —description from the publisher
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Artwork - 7
Mechanic - 5
Theme - 10
Fun - 10
Quality - 7


⚙️Easy [1.29]
💡Julien Prothière and Florent Toscano
🎨Stéphane Escapa
🏭Jeux Opla and HUCH!
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