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Be the king of the forest! Winter is coming...and the forest creatures are busy gathering nuts and hoarding food in preparation for the cold season. Your goal is to be the first to hoard five nuts of the same kind before anyone else. Hoarders is a simple and fast-paced game for the whole family. Each turn, you select two critters to use. Each player uses one critter in turn until all critters have been used. Critters allow you to gather nuts, to steal nuts from other player's hoards, and of course to trick your opponents. The first player to collect five identical nuts wins! —description from the publisher The aim of this fun game is to be the first to get 5 matching seed cards. All players select two of their animal cards to play with and apply the actions of the chosen cards to get the seeds they need and become the king of the forest. Each player has a set of 5 animal cards. Each animal does a different action. 3 seeds are dealt to each one. Each player selects and sets aside two cards with which to play the round. In order and one at a time, they are uncovered and their effects revealed (two rounds). Each player collects their two cards, which are then available for the next move. The player who first gets five matching seed cards wins. —description from the publisher (translated) El objetivo de este divertido juego es ser el primero en conseguir 5 cartas de semillas iguales. Todos los jugadores seleccionan dos de sus cartas de animales con las que jugar y aplican las acciones de las cartas elegidas para conseguir las semillas que necesitan y convertirse en el rey del bosque. Cada jugador cuenta con un set de 5 cartas de animales. Cada animal hace una acción diferente. Se reparten 3 semillas a cada uno. Cada jugador selecciona y aparta dos cartas con las que va a jugar la ronda. Por orden y de una en una, se destapan y revelan sus efectos (dos vueltas). Cada jugador recoge sus dos cartas, quedando disponibles para la siguiente jugada. Gana el jugador que consiga primero 5 cartas de semillas iguales. —description from the publisher (Spanish)

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⚙️Easy [1.07]
💡Andy Niggles
🎨Maëva da Silva and Christine Deschamps
🏭Flatlined Games, AMIGO, Granna and Lúdilo
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