Family Inc

Once a year, all family members of the notorious Azzardo family meet in the warehouse of the "Tutti Frutti" seafood restaurant to divide up the stolen goods according to an old family tradition. Everyone can try their luck, but only one will leave the meeting with a full suitcase. Who will prove to be the most skillful player in the hot-blooded game of gamblers, skillfully challenging luck and risk? At the start of each round in Family Inc., if you have face-up chips in front of you, you score them, advancing your counter on the score board, then removing those chips from the game. Next, you reveal one new chip after another from the middle of the table, placing them face up in front of you. After each new chip, you decide whether to reveal more chips or whether to end your turn. If you reveal a new chip during your turn that matches one of your face-up chips, your turn ends, collecting only a diamond in compensation if your turn ended after your second or third chip reveal. (If you collect a third diamond, return all your diamonds and score 50 points.) When you end your turn voluntarily, collect all face-up chips from in front of other players that match the values of your chips. When a player reaches the 100 space on the score track, the game ends and this player wins.

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Geekcheck by Geekpunkt

Artwork - 5
Mechanic - 3
Theme - 6
Fun - 5
Quality - 4


⚙️Easy [1.13]
💡Reiner Knizia
🎨Markus Erdt and Elena Shluikova
🏭Piatnik, GaGa Games and
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