Das Beinhaus von Sedlec

Sedlec Ossuary, 16th Century AD. The Black Plague and Hussite Wars have overcrowded the graveyard. Help the Bone Collector, a half-blind monk, by exhuming graves and arranging the skulls inside the crypt. You are novice monks, competing to create the best arrangement of skulls. Dig up graves from the graveyard to reveal cards, take cards into your hand to collect skulls, and arrange the cards from your hand into a stack. Whoever better honors the deceased’s last wishes will score more points. The Bone Collector will then judge each player’s completed stack and declare one as the most exceptional. —description from the publisher Released in the June 2020 Board Game of the Month Club $20+ package. Finalist (top 3) of Button Shy's 18 Card Challenge: Design a game about a real life location.

Geekcheck by Geekpunkt

Artwork - 7
Mechanic - 5
Theme - 8
Fun - 7
Quality - 7


🤔1.32 | sehr leicht
🥇7.46 | sehr gut
Player Count (Recommended)1-4 (1-3)
💡Dustin Dobson
🎨Marty Cobb and Marianne Waage
🏭Button Shy, Frosted Games, Lucky Duck Games, Matagot and Salt & Pepper Games
⚙️Open Drafting, Pattern Building and Set Collection
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