Canopea is a cooperative game that cleverly combines dexterity, memory and strategical thinking. Within the same game, each player can adapt the difficulty according to their age, so the entire family can take part in the adventure. Board together your puck aircraft and fly towards 3D Tree Cities to recover birds in need of protection from poachers. A game of Canopea consists of 5 trips to bring as many birds as possible to safety before they are captured by poachers. You begin each trip with a new mission that targets a species of bird to recover. You then must navigate between the 6 Tree Cities to find endangered birds. When it is your turn, you have three chances to move the puck aircraft, hit a Tree City and make as many piled up Bird tokens fall from the city. Recover all tokens that match your mission but if you cannot find any, then poachers attack and can damage the aircraft or steal your birds. Whenever you want to, head back to Canopea to definitively bring all recovered birds to safety. Then, start a new trip with a new mission. Throughout the game, the aircraft and the Tree Cities will move on the table and will not come back to their initial position. Distances between cities will grow, increasing the difficulty of moves and missions. Canopea is an entirely intergenerational game and its varied mechanical elements allow all players to capitalise on their strengths: memory for the youngest, dexterity for teenagers, strategical thinking for adults. What is more, it is possible to adapt the difficulty to each adventurer within the same game: adults can increase the challenge by only using one or two moves per turn while younger children (from age 4) can simply move the Aircraft without the propeller.
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Artwork - 8
Mechanic - 4
Theme - 8
Fun - 7
Quality - 7


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